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An Introduction to the eXactpark Business Model

Full Turnkey Solution

eleven-x believes that in order to deliver the highest quality and lowest maintenance solution, a full turnkey solution is required. eleven-x takes responsibility for the complete solution including the parking sensors, digital signage, networking equipment, installation, management of the IoT network, and powerful software that will enable our customers to take full advantage of the increased visibility into their parking assets. Due to the ongoing service contract, we will ensure the highest reliability, accuracy, security, and longevity. We make sure the system works and will continue to work for many years.  

eXactpark Components

The eXactpark solution can be broken into the following components:

  1. Physical Infrastructure
    1. SPS-X Parking Sensors - required to detect the vehicles 
    2. LoRaWAN Gateways - required to wirelessly connect the sensors to the Internet
    3. Digital Signage - required for displaying occupancy information and wayfinding
  2. Installation Services
    1. eleven-x has a network of trusted installers for the gateways and sensors
    2. the customer may elect to install one or more of the components described in 1)
  3. Managed IoT Network Service
    1. eleven-x offers our world leading LoRaWAN server and operations centre to ensure the highest reliability
    2. We offer a standard Service Level Agreement
  4. Application Software Subscription
    1. Our basic subscription includes a powerful parking specific dashboard, cloud hosted data storage, and access to our API
    2. eleven-x offers add-ons to suit our individual customer needs for additional subscription fees. 
  5. Professional Services
    1. eleven-x has deep expertise in system integration
    2. we can develop custom features, dashboards, and analytics

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms include one-time fees and recurring fees. The one-time fees typically include the Physical Infrastructure, Installation Services, and Professional Services, The payment schedule for the one-time fees varies depending on the project scope, size, and requirements. The recurring fees include the Managed IoT Network Service and Application Software Subscription and are charged annually in advance.

Service Contract Term

The standard service contract term for the Managed IoT Network Service and Application Software Subscription is 5-years with option to renew annually thereafter.


The standard SPS-X parking sensor warranty covers the first year. For an additional fee, eleven-x offers a 10-year extended warranty.

Financing Options

For customers that would prefer to pay for the eXactpark solution out of their operating budget, eleven-x offers a lease to own option for the Physical Infrastructure.

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